In most cases land freight forwarding is the most beneficial and convenient. It ensures delivery from the sender to the recipient without transshipment. It also reduces risk of damage and delivery time, as well as entails considerably lower transportation costs.

Another advantage of land freight forwarding is the possibility of delivering freight to literally anywhere in the world, since trucks can cross watercourses by ferry. Likewise, by choosing the right type of vehicles, freight can be loaded anywhere as required by the customer. Another advantage worth mentioning is the option to track your shipment online in real time.


Our company offers the following land freight forwarding services:

  • freight forwarding with different types of vehicles (depending on volume, carrying capacity, temperature mode and other requirements)
  • freight forwarding depending on the customs status (import, export, transit, temporary import etc.)
  • organizing transport of dangerous goods by means of certified vehicles
  • freight supervision and receipt of information at any stage of transportation
  • cargo insurance
  • preparation of a full package of accompanying documents

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